Dear Readers, 

We didn’t start out to be co-authors. In fact, we were going to study English and American Poetry and the writing of it. So we sat in Barnes and Noble, surrounded by books and the roar of the coffee machine, and read poems and talked about them. Then, one day, quite early on, D said to C (out of the blue), “I’d like to write a novel about something new, something I don’t know anything about.” Without thinking, C said, “South Seas exploration in the 18th century. Do you know anything about that?” 

And that’s the moment we became collaborators.

And that’s the moment when we both realized that neither one of us knew much of anything about south seas exploration in the 18th century. It meant research, and lots of it, not only about the south seas, but about the 18th century maritime world, among other subjects.  

We also wanted to write fantasy/adventure/romance: how could we combine our research-to-come with that desire?

And then we discovered Terra Australis.