Terra Australis.

A myth in our world, but a reality across the doubtful sea. In an alternate 18th century, two peoples struggle for it: the Matan’a’e Amavi’o, peaceful fishermen and farmers, face the Atuk, sorcerers and followers of a god of ice.

Into this world comes Antione de St. Valerien, captain of the Greyhound, sent to find word of what happened to his father, presumed lost there ten years before.
Instead, he finds war, and a warrior priestess, Matan’o’ahei.
I am a fantasy/adventure writer under the plural pseudonym CD, writing for all readers, young and old. My alternate 18th century adventure sets out aboard the Greyhound, a frigate under the command of Antoine de St. Valerien, bound for the southern continent of Terra Australis. Across the Doubtful Sea is my first novel of the Doubtful Sea series, and is available on Amazon Kindle as well as in print. 
My blog, doubtfulsea, is intended to be the literary equivalent of a backstage, to give my readers an inside view on research, historical context, and what it’s like to write a fantasy/adventure novel.
Happy reading!

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