We are aspiring adventure/romance/fantasy novelists. We are the sort of people who celebrate the 22nd of September every year and who love everything heroic and adventurous from ancient Greece and India to the most recent fantasy. As explorers of these genres, we have founded this blog. In our own work, we are currently exploring a parallel 18th-century world in which Angleland and Gallia are sometimes at war, but are often just rivals in charting the Calm Sea to the far west of South Colombia. In this world, there is a Polynesian civilization across the Calm Sea and a dreadful enemy to the south on Terra Australis.  We are in the process of editing the first volume, Across the Doubtful Sea, and we hope to publish it online in early November. The second volume, Empire of the Isles, is already being written, and the third, Beyond the Doubtful Sea, we hope to have ready sometime in the winter.

But enough of advertising!

Because we are collaborating, one of the themes of this blog will be the pleasure and adventure of being collaborators. Because we are happy writers, another theme will be creating fiction. We plan to discuss everything from creating imaginary worlds from real ones to the basics of constructing longer works of fiction– and even trilogies. As well, we plan to include interesting images, talk about stories we enjoy, and provide links to things which might interest people like us– and people like you as well.

So, welcome!